Special announcement regarding COVID-19

In response to Governor Kate Brown’s current recommendations for restricting veterinary medicine to emergencies and with the shelter in place order, VDIC has an updated plan:

  • VDIC will be seeing in-house appointments at The Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Tualatin Monday through Saturday.
  • We will be temporarily suspending our mobile services until further notice.
  • We will be triaging appointments to ensure that symptomatic patients with the highest need are prioritized to receive ultrasound exams. In reference to Governor Brown’s request, we define emergencies as patients that are symptomatic and would present to their veterinarian or an emergency clinic as ill.

We greatly appreciate your referrals and trust! We are making every effort to balance supporting you and your patients while temporarily adjusting to these times.

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.


How do I schedule an appointment?
Please call VDIC at 1-877-751-8342. Please do not call EVCOT directly to schedule an ultrasound or try to reach VDIC.

Can I call EVCOT to schedule an appointment?
If you call EVCOT to schedule an in-house ultrasound appointment, they will refer you to VDIC 1-877-751-8342.

If I have a patient that needs to be referred to EVCOT for emergency care, can they receive an ultrasound while at EVCOT?
Yes! We will have availability to perform these studies. Depending on the number of cases and the time of day they are referred, the study may not be performed on the same day and will be imaged on the next business day. The patient would not have a specific time slot for their ultrasound in this scenario. This scenario is reserved only for hospitalized patients.

What happens if I send a patient to EVCOT for just an ultrasound without scheduling an appointment with VDIC?
Please do not send over clients for an ultrasound without first calling to schedule an appointment. Of course, If the patient is in need of emergency care, please refer to EVCOT following their direction.

If I send a patient in for a VDIC In-House appointment, will the pet owner speak to the radiologist?
With the increased restrictions regarding COVID-19, we will be receiving clients and pets curbside. No VDIC pet owners will be allowed into the waiting room at EVCOT. The radiologist will communicate with the owner by telephone following the exam.  Please make sure that the owners bring a carrier for cats. The owner would then pay VDIC directly for the appointment. Please give us a call at 1-877-751-8342 to schedule an appointment.

If I schedule a patient for an In-house ultrasound, do I need to fill out a Timeless request?
Yes. Please continue to fill out timeless requests just like you have for mobile or Saturday appointments. Without clinical information on the pet, we will not be able to perform the ultrasound study. If a patient is under the care of EVCOT, EVCOT will submit the Timeless request as they would then be the requesting clinic.