Referring Veterinarians

VDIC performs outpatient ultrasound examinations and diagnostic procedures 6 days a week at our office in Tualatin. We work directly with your client to schedule appointments and perform diagnostics, and request that you complete the referral form online as soon as possible.

Submit a Request Form

How to Refer

  1. Referring veterinarian submitthe Request Form through Timeless Veterinary Systems online portal and uploads the patient medical history.
  2. Client schedules directly with VDIC online or by calling 877-751-8342.
  3. Referring veterinarian is responsible for prescribing any needed pre-visit oral sedation that would provide a smoother experience.

Timeless Veterinary Systems

Timeless is our patient record management system that connects the referring veterinarian directly with our reports. Each veterinarian has a unique login to submit referrals for ultrasounds, view reports, and view ultrasound images. If you need help accessing your Timeless account, please give us a call at 877-751-8342 and we will be happy to assist you!

How to submit a new Timeless consult